As the work week ends, we often meet in the kitchen for a happy hour to share snacks, drinks and friendship.  At the end of hard weeks it is a great way start to unplug and relax, at the end of big weeks it is a time to celebrate.  All levels of people come and socialize, which helps increase communication across teams and reinforce the open nature of the company.  I also like this picture since it shows the Chicago flag signs that a team here built, painted and hung during one of our "Someday" creative project days.




  • Favorite Technologies: Java (Spring), Clojure, AngularJS, SemanticUI, ReactNative for Mobile
  • Service Offerings: Web and Mobile development, User Experience and Visual Design, Digital Strategy, Content Strategy and Creation, Program and Project Management, SaaS Content Management System (Pepper Cloud), SaaS Content Review Tool (Flow) 
  • Website: https://www.vodori.com/


  • Founded: 2005
  • Location: Chicago, IL (West loop) 
  • Approx Size: 40 people
  • Joined OpsConf: 2017

"I like my eggs over easy!"

"I like my eggs over easy!"


What is your role and what do you do in the organization?

I came from the engineering practice, but my current role is focused on managing the process by which we concept, pitch, plan and execute the work we do. I have been in this role formally since January 2016, prior to that I was managing the different engineering teams we have.  In 2017 I began taking over the 'controller' role which means setting up and managing our budgets, reviewing expenses and making sure we're making wised investments.  I have been with the company 11 years in May.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

We are ramping up sales of our new SaaS products and getting our mobile development practice going.  These are both poised to provide us with a real launchpad for growth this year and in the future.

What was your favorite course in school that has nothing to do with your profession?

Anatomy of the Lower Extremity - full human leg dissection lab.

2018 Ops-Conf Location: Cabin 4 (See Location Map)