OpsConf Alumni Benefits

Once a year, the global community comes together for an in-person retreat. But the benefits of being in the alumni network extend well past that in-person gathering. Below are some of the ways that our members stay in touch, interact, and support each other. 

calls with global participation

After you leave the retreat, Ops Conf Alumni regularly stay in touch with their new contacts and peers with conference calls. Alumni can discuss problems, seek advice, and gain context from others in the industry. 

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Weekly polls / questions within the community

Our Alumni use the "Know Your Company" tool (or in this case, Know Your Competitors!) to ask each other questions, gather insights, and take polls of the state of the industry. 

Each week, alumni members bounce ideas and questions off of each other to see where they stand compared to the other leaders in the industry. 

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Slack Channels 

The alumni members have access to our OpsConf Slack group to allow quick access to the community for questions and easy communication. 

What's App Group

For easy communication and group coordination during the retreat - and when you are traveling to visit other companies (or other countries!) -  the What's App group allows our Alumni to easily stay in touch and connect with each other. 

OpsConf Twitter Channel

We regularly favorite and share the content from our alumni network. This helps to raise visibility and promote the amazing content from each of our members. 

Discuss Forum

Alumni members can get access to the OpsConf Discuss Forum to share documents, post minutes from the global calls, etc.