This picture was taken at our recent apprentice welcome week. We brought together the new apprentices from all of our offices for a week in Chicago where they got to know each other, learned about the past, present and future of 8th Light, and shared their energy and enthusiasm with the rest of the company. And experienced deep dish pizza, some for the first time.




  • Favorite Technologies: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, Angular, Ember, iOS, Android, Java, C#/.NET, Python, Clojure, Elixir, Elm, AWS

  • Service Offerings: Consulting, Design Training, Custom Software Development, Managed Services

  • Website: https://8thlight.com/


  • Founded: 2006

  • Locations: Chicago, London, LA, NYC Madison

  • Approx Size: 150

  • Joined OpsConf: 2015

"I like my eggs over easy"

"I like my eggs over easy"

Claudia Richman, COO and Chief Talent Officer.

What is your role and what do you do in the organization?

I've been at 8th Light for 1.5 years. I focus on pretty much everything that doesn't directly involve clients - org design, change management, internal communication, operations, talent and HR...

What was your first job?

My first full-time job was communications coordinator for the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Ops-Conf 2019 Location: Salt March 68 - Boho’s Nest