We have rented out private tents and Cabins at the Sandy Pines Campground near Goose Rocks Beach.

277 Mills Rd, Kennebunkport, ME 04046

Cabin Assignment

Please check your attendee page to see which cabin you'll be staying in. 

Each person will have their own private bedroom - some in tents and some in cabins.

See more details and photos at the

Items you should bring

  • Something you can wear that represents your company (TShirt, Hoodie, etc)

  • Mark's contact info in case you get lost or need help (312 286 7491)

  • Sunscreen

  • A smartphone with "Whats App" installed (

  • Good outdoor shoes

  • Dress clothes (Saturday night "fancy" dinner). Business casual (coat recommended, no tie, no jeans).

  • Casual clothes that can be worn in layers - it can be hot in the day and cool at night in the canyons.

  • A nice camera if you wish - some incredible scenery in and around Kennebunkport

Packing List


The majority of our day to day is spent focused on work and we often forget to make time for our hobbies. This year we would like to make time to for our hobbies. Is there an art form you want to share, a song you want to play for us or a game you invented? Show and tell time: Bring a hobby or passion project that you would like to share with the other participants.


Nothing. Come as you are. 


Prepare your "Biggest Mistake" story - something you really screwed up in the last 12 months. This story doesn't have to be professional - but it should effect your performance at work. You will share this in small groups and with others throughout the weekend. 


Do you have something really neat that you want to share with others? We will organize short lightning talks that will allow each of us to promote something innovative, experimental, or creative that we've done in our businesses that others could learn from. 


Homework to prepare